NT$ 600
It is a stand that makes you feel like you are spending time at your favorite cafe while staying at home.
How about spending your usual tea time more wonderfully with petit desserts and light meals?
You can enjoy different colors such as cups and plates of the same series, so it is recommended to have your favorite items.
Not only tea time, you can also display your favorite accessories and accessories.
Size: Plate SS: W98 x D98 x H15mm
Plate S: W132 x D132 x H15mm
Assembly: H150mm
Box: W130 x D130 x H45mm
Material: Plate: New bone china (porcelain), prop: Steel
● Microwave oven: Not possible
● Oven: Not possible
● Dishwasher: Not possible
● IH: Not possible
● Direct fire: Not possible
■ Please check if there are any missing parts. ..
■ This product is an assembly type. Check the figure on the right and assemble correctly.
■ Includes small parts. If you have small children or pets, please be careful about accidental ingestion.
■ To prevent accidents, assemble in a stable place. After assembling, check each part for looseness. When carrying it, be sure to attach one hand to the bottom, not just the handle.
■ If it is damaged, stop using it immediately.
■ Tin (black powder) may come out if the inside of the support is scraped. If tin comes out, wipe it off immediately and be careful not to get it on your clothes. Also, please be careful not to swallow it.

■ Microwave oven, dishwasher, oven, boiling disinfectant, bleach cannot be used
■ Do not use a scrubbing brush or cleanser when cleaning because the gold processing may peel off. , Please wash your hands with a sponge.

■ Washing with water, boiling disinfection, and bleach cannot be used
■ If dirt adheres, wipe it off with a dry cloth.
■ Country of origin: China